The club holds meetings at the Clubhouse situated at the multi user facility at Loam Island on Riverway Drive (Upper Ross River Road) on the first Tuesday of the each month (except January and December) commencing at 7.00pm sharp.
All members are invited and expected to attend.

New members seeking membership must attend two meetings prior to being accepted as members and prior to gaining access to the dam.
It is expected that all members attend at least one meeting per year and that they attend at least one working bee.


Joining Fee  – $100 (a one-off fee)

Individual ( Adult ) Over 21 years $100

Individual ( Junior ) Under 21 years $ 50

Annual Family Membership Fee  – $250 per year

Key Deposit – $50 (refundable at cancellation of Membership)


You can pay either via bank transfer or bring a cheque/cash to the next meeting – if paying by bank transfer please ensure that you place your surname in the information section.

Townsville Water Ski Club Inc.
BSB 034-212
A/C# 911637


Rules are necessary to ensure the safety of all members and their families in addition to protect our clubs reputation and community values.
We therefore ask you to study and abide by them. Failure to comply with the rules can result in suspension or cancellation of your membership.


To use your boat on the Ross River/weir sections you do not need to be a member of the club.
This open to the general public subject to the rules displayed on the Townsville City Council Website and signage at the Loam Island boat ramp.

Click here for Townsville City Council Black Weir Booking System

TWSC have no management responsibility or authority on the Blacks Weir water.

TWSC hosted events on the river are operated under Maritime Safety Queensland; an authorised Aquatic Event Permit. This authorises the specific craft listed to operate by exemption of 6 knot speed limits in the designated area.


The Townsville Water Ski Club currently has restricted permit to access to the Ross River Dam for water skiing only. A permit to ski on the dam has been issued to the TWSC by Townsville City Council and as such there are strict rules and conditions that the club must adhere to. Access to this facility is a privilege and not a right so TWSC is committed to ensuring ongoing access in the future.

Our activities are closely scrutineered by TCC representatives and as such the “TWSC Dam Rules” form part of the conditions of the permit and must be adhered to without exception; any non compliance by members may result in the cancellation of our permit.

TCC is the body that controls the dam and has a ranger on staff that monitors the activity on the dam and ensures compliance with the rules.

The TWSC is also encouraged to report any activity that is outside the conditions of the permit by other parties to the TCC Ranger.


Before the TWSC can grant members’ access to the dam, the member will be required to present the club membership officer and comittee with a current scrutineering certificate, a signed copy of the “Ross River Dam Rules”, and a signed dam orientation form – all available for download from this website.

The purpose of the scrutineering certificate is to ensure the boat is in a safe condition and there are no risks of fuel or oil leaks into the dam. This certificate will be required to be renewed every 12 months. It is the boat owners’ responsibility to ensure your boat is capable of passing such certificate at all times, for example, should your boat develop a fuel or oil leak at any time it must be fixed prior to use on the dam.

Scrutineering for boats can be arranged with the following people –

Bob Haslett – B & M Marine 47796569
George Devlin – L&M Motors 47243143

or TWSC committee member via the website contacts.

Each year when renewing your membership, members are required to provide the TWSC with a current copy of the following documentation:

  • Membership renewal forms with current details; ie family names, address and contact details.
  • Current boat insurance certificate having water skiers liability to a minimum value of $10,000,000
  • Current boat registration certificate
  • Current Boat/Car Drivers Licence
  • Current Boat Scrutineering form required for dam access