Membership is due June 30 each year – all memberships must be paid by 31st July or at the last chance meeting on first Tuesday of August.  Any unpaid memberships after the August Meeting will require a repayment of the Application fee. 

Boats must be have scrutineering completed before dam access is renewed.

Each year when renewing your membership, members are required to provide the TWSC with a current copy of the following documentation:

  • Membership renewal forms with current details; ie family names, address and contact details.
  • Current boat insurance certificate having water skiers liability to a minimum value of $10,000,000
  • Current boat registration certificate
  • Current Boat/Car Drivers Licence
  • Current Boat Scrutineering form and a signed copy of the Dam Access Rules form are required for dam access

Please complete the following forms and arranged payment:

Membership Checklist

Membership Renewal Application

Annual Boat Scrutineering

Dam Rules

Dam Access (via sand plant) Rules

TWSC Black Weir Slalom Course Rules